Up in Fumes

This legislative session, 11 bills have been filed in Texas concerning marijuana legislation, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the coming debate will put Texas in the national spotlight. Already, the states of Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington have legalized recreational use the substance with 19 others, including the District of Columbia, permitting limited […]

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War of Words

Heads have literally rolled in the name of radical Islam, yet President Barack Obama remains apprehensive to associate the members of the Islamic State with their self-proclaimed religion. Despite the major criticism the President has received for his intentional omission, he delivered a key speech Wednesday calling for the international community to combat “violent extremism.” […]

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State of Disrepair

Video courtesy of New York Times. No one could doubt Obama’s confidence as he delivered the State of the Union address on January 20. However, such confidence may have been misplaced. Not even a few months ago, he suffered the historic losses at the ballot box that lost him the Senate and furthered Republican representation […]

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His Majesty, King Barack Obama

Perhaps President Obama is neither an emperor nor a king, but he is undoubtably a hypocrite. After years of saying his hands were tied on the matter of immigration, Obama did exactly what he repeatedly said he could not. Through an executive order, President Obama essentially declared protection for four million undocumented immigrants. The President […]

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The “JV” Squad

Two years after Obama pulled nearly all our troops out of the Middle East and declared the war a success, the situation is worse than ever. Unrest grows as the militant group ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) extends its control further throughout the region. Filling the void left by the American […]

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